Back to School

September 5, 2012

Who says going BACK TO SCHOOL isn’t an EVENT?????  Why not celebrate the first day of school by surprising your child’s teacher with a delicious CAKE made of school supplies.  Some of the items on my daughter’s class wish list included Kleenex tissues, glue sticks, markers, play doh tools and crayons.  What a creative way to give back to the school your child attends.  It’s as simple as finding round styrofoam from a local craft store and use glue dots to mount each item around the outside.  Decorate with ribbon and craft paper and your cake will look good enough to eat!!!!!  Happy School Year!

God Given Gifts

“Guard my life and rescue me; let me not be put to shame, for I take refuge in you.”–Psalm 25:20

I have been told many times…….”Jill, why don’t you start your own business?  You really do need to become an event coordinator!”  However; my lifestyle has just not allowed me to take on event planning full time.  Between being a mom and handling a full time job there just hasn’t been a lot of free time to pursue my true joys in life.   Spending lots of time in prayer has opened my eyes to the realization that maybe I can do both…….so I have decided to take on blogging about all the events and parties I have helped others plan.

After years of planning and organizing events for family and friends, it feels so refreshing to  finally  embrace the gifts God has given me and share my ideas with you!!!  I’ve created the Rescue Me Events Blog to help you create a magical–stress free event!  From the theme to the decorations—I’m hoping my ideas will bring it all together for your event!  I’ve got you covered!  I plan to showcase events throughout the year that Rescue Me Events has coordinated!  If you need Rescuing or Deliverance from all the details of your next event….just give me a shout!