Tea Time Birthday Bash


I just couldn’t think of a better birthday party idea for my 4 year old…I combined everything she loves into one (friends, sweets, playing pretend and dressing up like all princesses do!  As the girls arrived they were given a ruffle dress, hair bow, belt and necklace to change into.  The party continued with a photo shoot in their new dazzling outfit!  The most fun of course was playing pretend with Abby’s custom tea set and felt play food.  This party truly made me want to be a little girl all over again!


The key to any successful kids party is to keep them busy!!!!  We decided to create stations for the girls to rotate through.

This princess tea party included 4 stations.


Station 1 (Dress Up and become the princess of your dreams)

Girls picked their favorite color dress and were given coordinating hairbows, belts and necklaces.  Dresses were designed by J Elisyn Boutique off of Etsy!   Check out her beautiful selection here:  http://www.etsy.com/shop/JElisynBoutique

Station 2 (Make up)

At the make up station I took a simple end table and covered it with a tulle table skirt designed by The Scarlet Thread!   http://www.etsy.com/shop/Thescarletthread1?ref=l2-shopheader-name

I had a friend hand paint flowers and butterflies on their faces!

Station 3 (Marble Paint Fans)

The girls designed their own paper fans to complete their princess outfit.  We used cardboard boxes and had the girls roll marbles through paint to create a splatter design.  After they dried we folded them into a paper fan for the girls to carry home.

Lastly Station 4 (Let’s play pretend…..)

A tea table fit for a queen was full of play food and a custom tea set for the girls to play with!  Awesome entertainment!!!!  Check out the following links for the play food and tea set:




A party we will never forget!!!